About Radha Reddy

Radha Reddy is a Transformation and Transitional Life Coach.  Her passion is in freeing you so that you may live from your true self and wake up every morning full of ENERGY, LOVE, EXCITEMENT and MOTIVATION Born in Fiji, she innocently grew up in an oppressive culture and judgmental society. At 15, her family moved to Canada, where she struggled through the effects of her childhood. She faced many other transitional challenges in her life, such as divorce, health issues, financial difficulties, and the relationship with her Mother. Radha spent 20 years working as an Information Technology Product Manager. She did so very successfully all the while caring for her elderly mother. After years of being exhausted, spending most of her time in bed, and  with no motivation for life, she decided that something had to change. Rather than going through the motions and struggling to find the energy to do both her job and care for her mother, Radha left the corporate world and dedicated her life to becoming a full time caregiver for her mother.  She worked to transition her mother to the next phase of her journey.  It was through this work that Radha surrendered to change.  She shifted into living from the heart space.  She studied and practiced peaceful transitional support.  In 2019, with love and great ease, her mother transitioned her journey to the next realm.  It is through Radha’s own journey of healing herself from within and unveiling her true magnificent, that she has become an expert at coaching and mentoring others through their own transitions.  Radha is very grateful for all her mentors, energy healers and the supporting courses she has completed which has given her the knowledge and power to be where she is. Now, it is her passion and goal to help as many people as she can navigate lifes transitions with happiness, joy and peace from within. Radha is ready to share her LOVE and ENERGY, to help you transform, manifest and create the life you want with grace and ease.